Dixon White

"Make all your actions irrefutable."
Dixon White, US Paragliding Pilot
14 Dec 1956 - 30 May 2004

Worcester Seminar

Images from the 2004 memorial seminar in Worcester, Mass.

Sato Sensei demonstrates yonkyo on me... boy, did that ever leave a mark. :)

Sato Sensei (bottom center) with members of the Yanagi Dojo.


"Some people dream of success...
while others wake up and work hard at it"

More Madison Avenue

These pictures came out a bit darker than I originally expected (or planned). On this morning, I took the 6:53 from East Norwalk. The pictures in the park were taken about 8:10.

Mike Skallas' Ad Blocking Hosts file

Found this from another blog. Interesting and probably quite useful:

"A hosts file tells your computer what numerical address ( is associated with what URL (www.everythingisnt.com.) . This file is a very simple hack which takes ad server URLs and redirects them to non-existant numerical addresses."

Mike Skallas' Ad Blocking Hosts file