Codenexus: Information Architecture and Software Engineering


The past ten years have seen remarkable evolutions in information technology -- operating systems, applications, communications and document standards.  Codenexus understands that to stay competitive, one must stay current, as well as cost-effective.

By leveraging our knowledge, experience, and understanding of where current technologies are heading, you benefit.  Specifically, we have the following capabilities:

  • Windows application development
  • Microsoft Office end-to-end solution development and integration
  • Website design
  • Internet/intranet web application design and development
  • Database design, optimization, normalization and implementation
  • Experienced in database conversion projects across applications and platforms
  • Workflow needs assessments
  • Application troubleshooting
  • Reflective and transmissive image scanning and retouching
  • Digital image compositing and design
  • Page layout and document template design


  • Object Oriented Analysis & Design
  • Unified Modeling Language
  • Visual Basic, VBA & VBScript
  • C# .NET
  • ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, ColdFusion
  • SQL, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Access, FileMaker Pro
  • Flash Actionscript, Javascript
  • XML

Extended Capabilities

Codenexus maintains strong relationships with talented individuals in networking, graphic design, photography and marketing research.  If your project requires greater integration with these disciplines, or if you simply would like a referral, please contact us.

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