Latin is forbidden on xbox?

I tried changing the motto on my xbox gamer tag to "Ad astra, per aspera." It means, 'To the stars, through hardship.' But xbox doesn't like this:


I can understand disallowing expletives, but latin? I'm guessing they must be screening with a white list, since none of the words are english. Pretty lame.'s warped sense of humor

I'm getting some error messages from SQL 2005 when I try to run a stored procedure from an assembly I've put together (specifically a System.Security.HostProtectionException).

Sooo... I googled a line from the exception message, "The demanded resources were: SharedState" and didn't get a lot of hits. I haven't tried in a while, so I gave that a whirl. Here's a screen shot of the results:


If no one can help me with the HostProtectionException, can someone tell me what the connection is to vampires?