Super Unleaded Hitting the $4 Mark in Connecticut

I went to fill up my tank on the way home from class tonight... holy crud, super unleaded is now $3.9999 (four dollars for all practical purposes).  I use regular; that was $3.80 ($3.9999).  Taking the train to work is looking more and more inviting.

Vista 64 + Palm = no joy

Well, I'm close to being fed up with trying to get my Palm TX to play nice with Vista 64.  This is the third time in six months I've had to uninstall Palm desktop, clean the registry, etc ad nauseum; and I still can't get hotsync to work.  So it seems I must ditch the Palm or ditch Vista 64.  Looks like I'll be performing an OS install this weekend.

Just for fun, here's an error I got to click through about a dozen times when I reinstalled Palm desktop:


Sounds like a conundrum to me.