Walking Home from Work

Ok let’s face; I did not walk from Manhattan to Connecticut, I took the train and drove my car.  But normally I take the subway from 17th Union Square to Grand Central.  Tonight I walked instead.  I forgot how much I enjoy walking and taking pictures in Madison Square Park.

Entering the park:

New York City 001

An electrifying sculpture:

New York City 004

The Shake Shack:

New York City 010

A favorite building:

New York City 016

Grand Central Station:

New York City 022New York City 025

Stamford, a storm drain in an interesting light:

Drain at night

Union Sq. Park

This building appears on the northwest corner of Union Square Park - or perhaps a block north of there? It was a brilliant afternoon.

Madison Square Park

Looking east from the center of Madison Square Park.

Steeple Chase

This is a picture I took in the late 1980s or early 1990s of a church steeple, probably in Bethel, Connecticut.