Spring Things 2014

Here are the latest denizens around my house:

Portucula “Salmon Glow”

In past years the hanger gets decimated in the summer if I don’t water it every day. As a change this is a succulent, perhaps it will do better if left unattended for a few days. Perennial.

Portucula (salmon glow)

Portucula (salmon glow)

Orange Symphony

Planters in the back. (annuals)

Orange Symphony

Accompanied by dichondra:


Black and Blue Salvia

More perennials in the front planters. These are accompanied by sweet potato vines. This salvia has already taken a bit of a beating from the squirrels digging up the planters, hopefully it will rebound.

Sweet Potato Vine, Black & Blue Salvia

Dressing the Hydrangea

The hydrangea planted a few years ago is doing very well… so well that the grass around it is having a hard time. So I’m trying to surround it by something. Let’s see how these annuals make out.


Three galium odoratum along the front:

Galium Odoratum

Galium Odoratum

Two blue star creepers along the side:

Blue Star Creeper

Filling in the Front

Some of the annuals I planted last year didn’t survive. Here are the replacements.

Lily Asiatic “Early Joy”

This hasn’t started blooming yet.

Lily Asiatic "Early Joy"



Bachelor’s Button

Again no blooms in this picture, but an interesting flower.

Bachelors Button

Meadow Sage

Meadow Sage

Something Wild

These were growing wild in the back and on a neighbor’s yard. Any idea what this is called?

Unknown Wildflower