Aikido terminology book

I received an email from Michael Taylor in early December of last year, promoting a book on Aikido terminology. From his email:

"Please take a moment to check out a new Aikido Terminology book that is written in both English and Japanese with a complete breakdown and explanation of each Japanese kanji character."

I haven't gotten the book (yet), but it certainly warrants a closer look.

Sculpture in Madison Sq. Park

I haven't been particularly fond of these metal sculptures that were installed in Madison Square Park this year, but I've been warming up to this one in the center of the fountain at the north end of the park.  The others still remind me of the wreckage of the twin towers... I wonder if that was the artist's intent.

Yet another picture of one of my favorite buildings.

Union Sq. Park

This building appears on the northwest corner of Union Square Park - or perhaps a block north of there? It was a brilliant afternoon.

Madison Square Park

Looking east from the center of Madison Square Park.

Steeple Chase

This is a picture I took in the late 1980s or early 1990s of a church steeple, probably in Bethel, Connecticut.

Kill Vibrantmedia!


Basically you can eliminate this pestulant adware on a Windows machine by editing the hosts file.  Search for a file named hosts (no extension) in your Windows directory, and open it with any text editor.  On my Windows 2000 machine, this directory is C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\ETC.

I've added the following lines to my HOSTS file to block the Vibrantmedia ads: 		# vibrantmedia adware

Here's where I found out about this trick: